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Chris Gellert, PT, MMusc & Sportsphysio, MPT, CSCS, C-IASTM, NASM-CPT
Founder and CEO
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Chris is the CEO and founder of PTCS Consulting. Chris uniquely is an experienced physical therapist, consultant, educator and a personal trainer with 23 years of solid experience. In the physical therapy and education field, I bring more than experience to the table. I bring an attitude and strong confidence with the ability to help you accomplish and reach your dreams.

About Chris

He holds an Advanced Master’s degree in orthopedics & sports physical therapy from the University of South Australia, a Master’s degree in physical therapy from Nova Southeastern University, and a B.S. in Marketing from SUNY Plattsburgh.

Chris helps physical therapists, new graduates, physical therapy students, and personal trainers transform their lives. How is this accomplished? Through a detailed assessment, identifying problems, coming up with personal solutions, and implementing them. One step at a time.

Following graduation from Physical Therapy school, Chris has practiced in a variety of settings including, hospital, inpatient, outpatient,  industrial rehabilitation, and private practice settings. He has managed clinics and realized owning a practice was not his interest early on in his career. As he reflected, he knew he wanted to do more. To reach out and empower both physical therapists and personal trainers.

Chris's experiences in these settings left him wanting to do more. Which fueled him in 2003 to start Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems. He has solely developed 17 home study courses, 5 live seminars, 2 advanced certifications, teaching the foundation of the science behind the movement to personal trainers and physical therapists. Over the last 15 years, Chris has consulted with dentists, exercise manufacturers, and has expert witness experience.

In 2020, he became a certified professional coach (CPC) through the World Coach Institute (WCI) and the division of PTCS Coaching was formed. He possesses a strong passion to not only help people and change their lives but with a strong mission and vision statement.


Chris is a lifelong learner, an avid reader, has three wonderful amazing dogs, loves to hike, mt bike, travel, and most of all, spend time with his amazing wife Ailie. His wife Ailie has been unconditionally supportive along this entire journey he is exploring.

Mission Statement

PTCS Consulting was created in 2020 with a focal purpose to provide the highest level of consulting services, that encapsulates comprehensive content and a system to help the client explore growth and self actualization. This system includes consulting services, one-on-one coaching, mentoring, educational training, webinars, and live seminars for the experienced physical therapist, new graduates and physical therapy students.

Why Choose PTCS?

  • Physical therapists per the research burn out within their career. Advice and insight on new areas to look into to foster promotional growth through mentoring/coaching can revitalize your inner passion.

  • Reinventing, rebranding and exploring new passive revenue streams is something PTCS can help you with!

  • Through individualized consulting, we can assist clients with identifying a specific problem. Create a strategy, provide expert advice and implement a solution, that is mutually focused and clear.

  • Through Coaching, our clients can achieve the highest level of mental and physical fitness while fulfilling their dreams and goals.

  • Through Mentoring, we provide mentorship for physical therapists, personal trainers and individuals aspiring  to raise their level of business acumen or other life goals.

  • This synergistic process will encompass visualization,  body schema, personalization and rewiring, that you will enable you to reach the highest level of aspiration.

Vision Statement

Becoming the most dynamic consulting company, by offering the most comprehensive and reputable system. This consulting group will teach, inspire, educate, challenge, and enhance one allied health and fitness professional at a time reach their optimal human potential.

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